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If you see a Black Friday deal on these tech products, go for it



Black Friday is nearly here. And yes, that means we’re going into the deep end of the holiday season.

You probably have a list of people to buy gifts for, and you might be on the hunt for something special for yourself, too. Chances are your eye on a product or two, and you’re eagerly awaiting the price to drop.

Black Friday is often your best bet for saving big on those products. Big-ticket items like 4K TVs will get some deep cuts along with more affordable options.

Here’s a list of top tech that you should snag immediately if a sale presents itself this Black Friday.


The has a larger display, better sound, and a sleeker design. While it’s typically not so cheap at $229, there’s a good chance it will get a discount. The 10.1-inch screen is great for watching shows on Hulu or from NBC. Plus it can be used for karaoke through Amazon Music or Spotify since it can show lyrics. Moreover, if you want immediate gratification, Whole Foods has it in store. 


Dog owners, listen up. Leaving your dog is often sad, especially when they look at you as you’re closing the door. Furbo’s Dog Camera lets you watch, talk, and shoot a treat at your four-legged friend while away. While the camera is stationary, it’s weighted, so your pup can’t knock it over. It can shoot a treat or two out several feet. The HD camera can’t be panned, but you can zoom in, and it performs well in dark lighting conditions.  

Image: lili sams/mashable

Apple’s AirPods, its true-wireless headphones, have become ubiquitous. They cost a decent amount at $159, but they’re also a few years old now, and you may see some great discounts on them this year. iPhone users really can’t go wrong with them. Bluetooth pairing is ridiculously easy thanks to the W1 chip, and sound is very good.

Apple’s iPhones have a great design, and the same goes for several Android phones. Some people value protection over style, but ideally you want a case that compliments the design. Totallee makes ultra-thin cases that look amazing (especially for iPhones). Even better, the cases come in many colors and finishes, including a clear option. 

Ugg might be known for super warm boots, but at least one tech product is in its lineup. The Classic Tech Earmuff or Sheepskin Headband Earmuff packs in warmth and a fuzzy build, while also sneaking a pair of headphones in each ear. The sheepskin on either of these is water resistant, and the auxiliary cord can be attached or detached. For devices that have dropped the headphone jack (i.e. most flagship phones today), you’ll need to bring an adapter.

Everyone can always use more storage. Androids owners, GoPro users, avid DSLR shooters, and even Nintendo Switch gamers. SanDisk makes some of the best microSD cards that offer fast read and write times, with storage options from 16GB up to 400GB size. Check retailers like, Target, BestBuy, eBay, and even Walmart for some steep discounts.


A good pair of headphones doesn’t come cheap, especially with noise cancellation built-in. The current Bose QC 35 II is one of the better ones, with several levels of noise cancellation, Alexa or the Google Assistant built-in, and long battery life. The cost is high at $349.95, but Black Friday could deliver some discounts on them.

The entry-level Alexa speaker is the Echo Dot. For 2018 it got a redesign, with better sound. It keeps that same $49.99 price, and there’s a good chance it’ll get discounted for Black Friday. Plus Amazon is offering three of them together for under $100.


Samsung’s second go at a mesh WiFi system combines internet connectivity with a smart home network. The SmartThings WiFi three-pack covers up to 4,500 square feet with WiFi, ideal for most homes. Each of these hubs intelligently provided internet to the connected devices. Plus, each one contains ZigBee and Z-Wave connectivity to power your smart home. 

Listen, AirPower still isn’t here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t charging pads that can handle more than one device. Nimble is an eco-friendly mobile accessory company from the team behind Mophie. You can charge two devices wirelessly on the Wireless Dual Pad. It also supports fast charging with iPhone and Samsung devices thanks to an output of up to 10 watts. 

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