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There’s a small section of land on Google Earth that wasn’t updated for eight years. 

From afar, the area looks relatively insignificant. There are a few dry lake beds, scattered in an otherwise empty Nevada desert. But those lake beds are located just a few miles from the Tonopah Test Range, located within the Nellis Test and Training Range and controlled by the Department of Energy and Air Force. The land is used by the government to test highly-secretive weapons and technology.

But only one section of the Nellis Range wasn’t included in Google Earth between 2008 and 2016 — this small series of lakebeds in Toonopah. The omission caught the eye of Brendan Byrne and Dhruv Mehrotra, who wrote in Motherboard about their experience trying to obtain satellite imagery of the location, and their search for an answer as to why it took eight years for the location to be updated on Google Earth.

Eventually, they were able purchase a recent satellite image of the location for $1,984.50, but were unable to share the image online due to the contract they signed with the satellite company. But on Thursday night, the pair invited those interested — including yours truly — to Brooklyn for a chance to see the satellite image up close and in person.

Here’s what it was like.