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How to hang curtains with curtain rods, hooks, and mounting hardware




Now that you know how long and wide your curtains need to be, you can start shopping! Consider why you’re hanging curtains in the first place: Is it to block light or let it in? Do you want to add some color, texture, or pattern to an otherwise muted design scheme, or are you trying to keep your window treatments neutral?

“In a living room, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, so we recommend a light-filtering fabric like cotton voile, organza, or linen,” Gatts suggests. “In other spaces, you may want denser, woven fabrics (like chevron stripes or herringbone patterns) to add weight and structure to the room.”

Gatts also encourages her clients to mix patterns and textures throughout a space, but to keep the color palette cohesive. “You can always bring in bits of the colors or textures from your drapes into the rest of your space with throw pillows, art, and accessories,” she adds.

Rods are available in many styles as well, from different metal finishes to wood designs and various lengths and sizes. The basic parts of a curtain rod are the rod itself, the finials (or end caps) brackets, and rings or hooks.

Depending on what material you choose and what style you like, make sure that you have all the elements you need to hang the curtains. To make it easier, many retailers will suggest rods that work with the style of curtain you are browsing, but if you’re in doubt you should connect with a customer service agent or a professional designer.

“Our go-to solution for picking out drapery hardware is to find a metal or wood finish that is repeated throughout the space,” Gatts explains. In terms of design, she notes that “straighter lines give a more tailored or understated look, while rounded edges keep things soft and slightly whimsical.”

Stores like Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond and West Elm will have standard size curtains, but other retailers like Home Depot have lengths that you must hem yourself, so pay careful attention to the descriptions and measurements when you’re shopping. If in doubt, go long: You can always shorten curtains but you can’t add length. And if you don’t see your dream design, you can always opt for a custom curtain designer, like Holloway Bay or Mesken.

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Shop for curtains at Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, West Elm, and Home Depot

Buy a set of linen curtains at Crate + Barrel for $39.95 to $69.95

Buy a set of chevron striped curtains at Target for $12.29

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