Amazon Echo dot 2018Avery Hartmans

  • Amazon is offering the newest version of the Echo Dot for $1 to new subscribers of Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited is currently $0.99 a month for the next three months as a separate limited-time promotion.
  • By entering the promo code “DOT1” while signing up for Amazon Music Unlimited, new subscribers will receive a $48.99 credit towards the purchase of the Echo Dot.

If you’ve ever been interested in the Amazon Echo Dot, now might be the best chance to get the smart home speaker for just a fraction of the cost.

Amazon is giving away the newest version of the Echo Dot for $1 to new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers as a part of a limited-time offer. But new subscribers to Music Unlimited can also sign up now to get the first three months for $0.99 per month, a separate promotional price.

That means that by combining the deals, you can get the Echo Dot for under $5, so long as you’re starting a new Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

Here are the steps to get the deal working.