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How the Platform Economy is improving our lives



They’re transforming banking as we know it

Thanks to platforms, the banking experience has come a long way. U.S. smartphone users spend 39 minutes per month on finance apps—compared to, say, the 50 minutes spent per month on shopping apps. However, banking will increasingly find itself less a standalone activity than one that’s a part of other experiences. Indeed, banking is becoming more seamlessly integrated into our lives, which why companies like Citi are aiming to improve banking experiences with Canvas, designed by Citi℠, is a beta-testing community as well as a testing platform, that lets you test, collaborate, and influence the latest ideas for you and your money. Canvas enables customers to co-create ideas and shape the development of banking applications that will improve functionality and the way customers manage their personal finances.

Platforms are already helping us in many everyday ways, whether you realize it or not. And, if the trajectory continues, these technological advances will continue to change the way we work, shop, and bank for the better. 

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