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How many people play “Fortnite”? Nearly 80 million as of August 2018.



Fortnite championship
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  • “Fortnite” is among the most popular games in the
    world, and August was its biggest month yet.
  • In August 2018, Epic Games says that nearly 80 million
    people played “Fortnite.”
  • The extreme popularity of “Fortnite” continues to grow,
    even after a year of explosive growth.

The fervor around “Fortnite” is reaching a fever pitch: Nearly 80
million people played the game in August,
according to maker Epic Games

More specifically, 78.3 million people played “Fortnite” last
month. That makes August the biggest month ever for the
cartoonish, surrealist shooter. And that’s really saying
something in the context of the game’s speedy ascent to the top
of pop culture mountain.

Perhaps you’ve already forgotten: The incredibly popular,
free-to-play Battle Royale mode was only added to “Fortnite” in
September 2017. 

It’s been barely a year since “Fortnite” began its climb to the
top, and already its victory dances have bled into professional
sports. It feels like months since
Drake joined up with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to stream the game on
, thus boosting its visibility even more — that’s
because it was months ago, way back in March.

ninja and drake fortnite
Ninja and Drake played “Fortnite: Battle Royale”
together on PlayStation 4, over the internet, and streamed it on
Twitch. It broke Twitch streaming records by hundreds of
thousands of viewers.

Youtube /

And now, just one year after Battle Royale hit “Fortnite,” more
people are playing it monthly than there are people living in
Drake’s home country — by a factor of two! Way to make Canada
look underpopulated, “Fortnite.”

Epic Games announced the new peak player count number — which
includes players across Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4,
PC, Mac, iOS, and Android — alongside news of the upcoming “Fall
Skirmish” competitive season. 

This time, $4 million is up for grabs in competitive play across
a variety of modes. Not too shabby! Epic promises that it’s
strengthened its service ahead of the fall season — during the
summer season, competitive players encountered frustrating issues
with game stability. Sometimes they encountered those issues
during crucial matches, to say nothing of issues some folks had
attempting to spectate the matches. In both cases, Epic says it
has made “targeted improvements” to get things fixed before the
Fall Skirmish kicks off in October.

Fancy yourself a better player than the other 80 million
“Fortnite” players out there? Perhaps the Fall Skirmish events
are for you! Check out the
full details of the “Fortnite” Fall Skirmish event right

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