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How long does “Red Dead Redemption 2” take to download?



Red Dead Redemption 2
Life is slower on the range.
Rockstar Games

  • On Friday, the much-anticipated “Red Dead Redemption 2”
  • The game is massive — it takes over 60 hours to
    complete the story.
  • That massive scale also means a massive file size:
    Anywhere from 90 to over 100 GB, depending on the version. And
    that can mean lengthy download times, which is making some
    folks pretty upset.

The biggest game of 2018 is finally here:
“Red Dead Redemption 2” is available now
on Xbox One and
PlayStation 4. But that doesn’t mean you can play it

This is 2018, after all, so you’ve gotta deal with a pretty hefty
download and/or file install on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
If you buy the game digitally, you’re looking at somewhere in the
range of 93 to 107 GB depending on your console of choice. 

And that’s got people freaking the hell out as they
wait for the massive download to complete:

One intrepid user even went as far as to look up the file size
for a previous Rockstar Game of note: The original “Grand Theft

There are, of course, ways around dealing with these massive file

You could buy a physical copy of the game, for instance — it’ll
still take some time to install, but not nearly as much time as a
90 GB file takes to download. 

And there’s one other option for you digital-only folks: Set the
game to start downloading remotely on your console while you’re
at work/school/etc. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have this
option, and you can easily set it up through your respective
console’s settings. 

That said, if you’re stuck waiting on a particularly long
download of “Red Dead Redemption 2,” we’ve got a few suggestions:

  1. Connect your console directly to your router via ethernet
    cable — it should go faster than wireless.
  2. Put your console in sleep mode/rest mode and stop looking at
    the download — a watched pot never boils, you know!
  3. Make a really tasty sandwich, and eat it — who doesn’t like
  4. Re-read
    our review
    to amp up your hype levels.

And, if all else fails, there’s always this video you could

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