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How future forward are you?



You have a reputation among your friends as the first person to snatch up the latest tech. You’re a digital native, or you’ve made yourself into one: your online life runs as smoothly as your real one, and you love going digital whenever you can. Truly, you’re living in the future while the rest of us play catch-up. You’re the digital vanguard.

And you’re not alone. According to a recent report on Consumer Mobility from Bank of America, more people are becoming like you every day—living their best digital life.

For instance, you’re ready for cutting-edge tech, even for simple things like unlocking your smartphone. Future tech like facial recognition? Bring it on, an opinion shared by half of the report’s respondents. And once you unlock that (no doubt newest model) smartphone, you’re doing more with it than most people. Like most of us, you use your phone’s GPS for directions, you listen to music on your favorite streaming service, you shop online. But further, you feel comfortable making digital payments via apps.

Plus, that friend you just sent some birthday cash to—58% say they’d use peer-to-peer (P2P) payments to do so. And you may not have even met her “IRL.” You, like a majority of respondents, feel just as comfortable being friends with someone you’ve only met virtually as you do with a person you know face-to-face.

As the digital vanguard, you also love banking digitally. You use your bank’s mobile app, just like 70% of respondents. While a majority of respondents across all generations say they use their bank’s mobile app, Gen Z and millennials are the highest adopters: 78% of Gen Z and 77% of millennials, compared to 67% of Gen X and 59% of baby boomers.

You’re also ahead of the curve when it comes to the next digital banking revolution: going totally cashless. You, like 19% of respondents, say you could go a full year without ever using cash. With mobile banking, you’re ready to go.

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