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Hidrate Spark smart water bottle is on sale for $10 off on Amazon



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Achieving your daily hydration goals has never been simpler.
Achieving your daily hydration goals has never been simpler.

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Water is an important substance. It makes up about 60% of our bodies, and 71% of planet Earth in general. Drinking the proper amount of water each day can not only, you know, keep you alive, but it can also help with troubled skin, flushing out toxins, and improving your overall energy. (There are a lot more reasons to drink water — too many to list, in fact.)

The problem is that because of our very busy lives, sometimes we don’t drink as much water as we should. Even worse, some people go whole days without noticing that they haven’t consumed even a drop of it in its pure form. 

With the Hidrate Spark smart water bottle, remembering to meet your daily water intake goals is a cinch — and you can grab one for right now. 

The 24-ounce water container literally glows to remind you to take a swig, never letting you off the hook when it comes to staying hydrated. It’s simple: Every time you see the light go on, it’s time to drink — then just put it down until your next alert comes. The biggest selling point of the bottle, however, is that it integrates with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other activity trackers so you can adjust your daily water goals. The bottle will then track how much water you’re taking in, and adapt its reminders to your schedule. Pretty neat, huh?

Never miss your daily water intake goal again — grab a Hidrate Spark smart water bottle for .  

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