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Here’s what you need to know from CES 2019 Day 2



LG’s “Massive Curve of Nature” display. Wow.
LG’s “Massive Curve of Nature” display. Wow.


The second day of came and went, leaving plenty of noteworthy tech news we’re still talking about. 

Unique TVs are stealing the show. Voice assistants invade your automobiles. Google goes Disney. Here’s what you need to know from CES Day 2.

Day 2 of CES was Google day. The search giant announced a number of cool upgrades involving its voice-activated Google Assistant.

But, first, we need to talk about the company’s weird Google Assistant CES ride. Yes, a literal ride. At CES, Google went … Disney.

The tech company turned a lot outside the Las Vegas Convention Center into a theme park with an “It’s a Small World”-esque attraction. CES visitors are seated in a car and follow a track that takes them through different scenes, complete with animatronic characters and theme music.

Google Assistant probably isn’t going to integrate with Space Mountain anytime soon, but it Google Maps. The company announced at CES that users will be able to ask Google for directions while driving, completely hands-free. Drivers will also be able to ask Google to find a location, such as a gas station, and the assistant will add a stop on your route. 

After Google Assistant helps your arrive at your destination, it will also become your interpreter thanks to its new on Google Home Hub. The feature turns Home Hub into a real-time translator. Your conversations show up on the screen, and both parties can view translations into one of 27 different languages.

Words, pictures, and video don’t seem to do LG’s “Massive Curve of Nature” display justice. It’s an experience. Made up of more than 250 curved LG OLED TVs, LG’s enormous curvy waterfall of a display is breathtaking. Sure, consumers won’t be able to purchase this giant screen, but we’re still glad LG decided to show it off. 

Google isn’t the only company with a voice assistant. Amazon’s Alexa is ready to go for a ride, too.

The tiny Echo Auto will bring Amazon's Alexa voice assistant to your vehicle.

The tiny Echo Auto will bring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to your vehicle.


The is ready to launch later this year. In fact, a small group of lucky users have already received the device. The Echo Auto connects to your smartphone and brings Alexa to your vehicle for only $49.99. Users can control Amazon Music, Google Maps, and even their smart appliances at home from their car.

With all the at this year’s CES, perhaps Alexa and Google Assistant will bring some personality to these inanimate objects next year. 

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