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Here’s the latest hint that Apple will launch new Apple Watch models next month



Apple Watch
The Apple Watch Series 4, currently on sale, includes
an LTE modem and a water-resistant case.

Hollis Johnson

  • Apple usually launches new Apple Watch models in
  • A regulatory filing from the Eurasian Economic
    Commission names six new model numbers.
  • Rumors suggest the new Apple Watch could have a larger
    screen, better battery life, and new health features.

A new government filing from the Eurasian Economic Commission
suggests that Apple is preparing six new Apple Watch models for
launch in the near future.

The filings are required for encrypted devices sold in several
Eastern Europe countries, including Russia.

The filings, via
, don’t reveal many details aside from new model
numbers: A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007, and A2008.

Current rumors suggest
that Apple is working on new Apple
Watch models with larger screens, better health sensors, and
longer battery life. 

Apple has not changed the physical design of the Apple Watch
since it first went on sale in 2015. This year seems likely to be
the year where Apple launches an updated design, if the Apple
Watch models end up having a larger screen as rumored. 

Apple has revealed new iPhones in September every year since
2012. The past two years, it has also launched new Apple Watch
models at its annual event. 

Apple observers are speculating
that Apple will hold an iPhone launch event early in September,
possibly September 12, although a date has not yet been publicly

The Eurasian filings basically confirm that Apple is planning to
launch new Apple Watch models next month. Similar filings from
the same regulatory commission have surfaced in the weeks before
new iPads and iPhones have launched. 


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