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Here’s the first real look at the Infiniti Qs Inspiration electric sedan



Infiniti’s latest all-electric concept car will make its first appearance at the Auto Shanghai car show next week, but until then we caught a few glimpses of the Qs Inspiration.

First off, it’s a sedan. Infiniti’s first electric concept car was a compact SUV, following the growing trend for luxury brands. Earlier this month we saw a teaser image of the smaller emission-free vehicle, but now we get to see the full design and shape.

An electric idea.

An electric idea.

It’s clear that the sedan borrows some design elements from its QX SUV brethren, with a similar grille design and square front-end. It’s a performance car with all-wheel drive and a high driving seat despite the car’s smaller size.

Infiniti says the sedan is an idea that could set the scene for more of the company’s electric vehicles in the future. The Japanese company headquartered in Hong Kong plans to electrify all its cars starting in 2021.

The Qs will finally be revealed at Auto Shanghai on Tuesday.

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