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Hands-on with ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ for Nintendo Switch




Let’s be clear: This stuff plays exactly like you expect it to play after years of playing “Super Mario Bros.” games.

I mean that in a very positive way, of course — Mario games feel great, and each generation comes with its own distinctions. “Super Mario Maker 2” stays true to your memory of those games, but subverts it in subtle, interesting ways.

It’s at the core of the “Super Mario Maker” games: The fascinating blending of various Mario generations into something new. New enemies showing up in classic “Super Mario Bros” levels, as if they were always part of the original game, is fascinating and bizarre. How would a wiggler, from “Super Mario World,” act in “Super Mario Bros. 3”? That’s the kind of thing “Super Mario Maker” answers, often in delightful ways.

There’s also just the base level fact that it’s 2019, and Nintendo is releasing a brand-new game for the Nintendo Switch with new levels built out of classic “Super Mario Bros.” games.

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