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Hamilton Beach rice cooker is on sale for 15% off on Amazon



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Cook and steam food at the touch of a button.
Cook and steam food at the touch of a button.

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Rice can be one of the more boring foods to cook — who wants to wait until their water comes to a boil? It feels like it takes forever almost every time. If you’d like to have your rice and other steamed foods with a side of peace of mind, consider getting yourself a rice cooker.

The Hamilton Beach rice cooker is currently on a — save yourself $4.50 and gain an extremely helpful kitchen appliance.

Making food in the is as simple as it gets. Just throw in your ingredients, turn it on, and wait for your meal to be ready. Because of the cooker’s pre-programmed settings, you’ll be able to make more than just rice — whole grains, steamed vegetables, beans, and more are all achievable with the push of a button. The “keep warm” function is also a huge help for when you’re feeling proactive and want to have dinner ready before you’re even hungry. The included steam basket makes it even more of a breeze to rinse and prep your ingredients before cooking, and after you’re all done, cleaning is a cinch (it’s dishwasher-safe).

Healthy one-pot meals in half the time — treat your kitchen to a Hamilton Beach rice cooker for

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