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Google’s Pixel 3 XL just leaked in Russia: PHOTOS, SPECS



pixel 3 leak screen on
Google’s Pixel 3 showed up
on Telegram, the messaging service, in an unboxing posted earlier
this month.

Telegram/ Канал

  • Google’s upcoming smartphone, the Pixel 3, remains
    unannounced. It’s
    expected to debut
    on October 4.
  • In the meantime, the phone has repeatedly shown up in
  • The latest leak comes from Russia, where one blog
    already got its hands on what looks to be a final version of
    the Pixel 3 XL.

Google’s next smartphone is nearly here — at least that’s our
best guess based on extensive leaks about the upcoming iPhone

We already know that
the phone has a notch
, similar to the iPhone X, and otherwise
looks very similar to the Pixel 2 before it:

pixel 3 xl leak

We know that there’s still no headphone jack, and the fingerprint
scanner is still on the back of the phone. We know that the specs
are an expected bump over last year’s Pixel, but not a huge jump.
We know that there’s a standard Pixel 3 and an “XL” version,
that’s larger.

We even know the date it’s supposed to launch: Google itself

outed the Pixel 3’s launch date as October 4
. And this week,
we got an even closer look at the Pixel 3 XL through
a Russian blog named Rozetked

The site claims to have a final version of the Pixel 3 XL, which
it’s putting through the paces.

There’s not a lot of new info that we didn’t already know, but we
did get a look at some sample photos that the Pixel 3 XL is
capable of producing — like this one:

And this one:

Димыч #Pixel3XL

A post shared by Максим Хорошев (@khoroshev) on Aug 22, 2018 at 8:23am PDT on

These are especially important in the case of the Pixel line
given the incredibly high bar set by previous Pixel phones — the
Pixel 2
still has the best camera available in any current
, including the iPhone X.

The Pixel 3 is expected to improve upon the Pixel line’s best
feature. All we know about the phone’s camera thus far is that
it’s likely to be a single lens setup rather than the once
rumored dual-lens camera. 

Unfortunately, we won’t know specifics about the Pixel 3 until
Google announces them. For now, we’ve got this gentleman’s Instagram
 and these
beautiful new photos of the Pixel 3 XL
to gawk at.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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