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Google Maps is now on Apple CarPlay



2017 GMC Sierra CarPlayGMC

  • Google Maps has finally come to CarPlay — Apple’s system for hooking an iPhone up to your car infotainment display.
  • Before now, you could only use Apple Maps with CarPlay, which was a frustration for many users. 
  • Google-owned Waze is coming too, the company has said. 


Big news for Google Maps loyalists: Now, you can use your preferred maps when you plug your iPhone into your car dashboard — assuming, of course, that your car supports Apple CarPlay. 

This means that if you drive a car with CarPlay support, you can now display Google Maps on your car’s infotainment screen. If you prefer Google’s other mapping tool, Waze is coming at some point, as well. 

In order to get it to work, you’ll need an iPhone running iOS 12, the latest version of the operating system, which was released on Monday.

Apple announced earlier this year that it was updating its software to make it possible to use other map apps through CarPlay, which had been a huge limitation with the platform since it launched in 2014 Before the release of iOS 12 on Monday, you could only use Apple Maps with CarPlay– a huge problem for the many users who found Google Maps to be more reliable. 

On Tuesday, Google updated the Google Maps app to introduce CarPlay support, so you’ll need an up-to-date version of the app to take advantage. 


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