Before booking any kind of travel, I always start in the exact same place: Kayak. 

The travel site has been my go-to for years, helping me book everything from business trips to vacations to quick weekend getaways. 

But as time goes on, I’ve started wondering: am I finding the best flights? Is there an easier-to-use site out there? 

I turned to Google Flights to test if Kayak should still be my top choice for booking travel. I use Google services almost everywhere else in my life — Maps, Gmail, Drive, Photos, Google Assistant, the list goes on — and I figured if anyone could topple Kayak, it would be Google. 

The services have a lot of features in common, the main one being that they both aggregate flights from all major airlines, and they both take you off their site to actually book your trip. But I was curious which had more standout features and, of course, which could find me cheaper flights. 

Here’s how Kayak and Google Flights compare.