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Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart on sale for up to $120 off



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Barely a year old and still awesome as ever.
Barely a year old and still awesome as ever.

Image: Apple

If you weren’t in the market for a new Apple Watch before, you are now: With the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 4, Walmart has slashed the price of the Series 3 by up to $120. You’re welcome.

Honestly, there are two types of people in this world: 

1. Those who are excited for the newest iPhone or Apple Watch to come out because they need the latest and greatest device. 

2. Those who are excited for the newest iPhone or Apple Watch to come out because that means all of the older models go on sale. 

I am the latter, and I am not ashamed. Yes, the new Series 4 is technically the latest and greatest, but that doesn’t make the Series 3 any less great. Debuted in September of 2017, the Series 3 is only a year old (a baby!) and sports most of the smartwatch features that you’d expect from an Apple Watch. Sure, the Series 4 has some sweet upgrades that put it at the top of its game, but the Series 3 is still a serious step up from the Series 1 or Series 2. 

What you’re not getting with the Series 3 that you would be getting with the Series 4:

  • 15% larger edge-to-edge screen with thinner bezels and new, classier face

  • More accurate heart monitor

  • New processor with twice the speed of the Series 3

  • watchOS 5 software with new third party apps

What you’re still getting with the Series 3:

  • LTE connectivity

  • Standing, moving, and exercise rings

  • Workout, cycling, yoga, and swimming tracking

  • Option to update to watchOS 5

  • iMessage, social media notifications, Spotify playback, and any other apps you care about

Our point? Unless you’re an ultra hardcore Apple fan who simply can’t live without flashing the newest, fastest device in everyone’s face, snagging the Apple Watch Series 3 will still get you the best Apple Watch features that the Series 1 or 2 can’t get you — and for almost $200 less.

Originally $429 when it came out, you can now save up to $120 and snag the Series 3 for as low as $279 here.

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