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Garmin’s Index smart scale is $30 off at Walmart, measures way more than weight



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This Walmart sale on the Index smart scale is a better price than both Amazon and Garmin's official site.
This Walmart sale on the Index smart scale is a better price than both Amazon and Garmin’s official site.

Image: Garmin

You’re putting in work to lose weight and improve your health. You should be able to see all of the progress you’re making, not just the pounds you’re shedding. A smart scale shows your weight while also calculating different body measurements that you can use to track against your fitness goals. 

The white model of the Garmin Index Smart Scale is currently $30 off at Walmart, which is cheaper than both Amazon and Garmin’s official site.

The Index scale gives you a deeper look into your bodily health by giving you metrics for body mass index, body fat and water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass in addition to your weight. The scale is WiFi connected for you to sync your data in the Garmin Connect app, where you will see charts that track your measurements and be able to review your progress in relation to your goals.

Up to 16 people can use this scale and record their metrics, which means there’s plenty of room for the entire family. Garmin recognizes users based on their body composition, so data is synced automatically without needing to designate a user profile. 

This scale is powered by two AA batteries and has an average battery life of nine months. If you already use Garmin devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches, you’ll be happy to know that this scale pairs seamlessly with them. All of your fitness data across multiple devices will merge together within the app, so it’s all in one convenient location.

You can save $30 and get the Garmin Index Smart Scale in white for $119.99 at Walmart.

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