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‘Game of Thrones’ fans finally got justice for Ghost




Although the series finale of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” gave Jon Snow a bittersweet ending, his final scenes thankfully included a long-awaited reunion with his loyal direwolf, Ghost.

As is typical for his character, Jon found himself at the center of a moral conflict when his lover and queen, Daenerys Targaryen, firebombed King’s Landing. He decided to kill her before she could inflict any more harm on innocent people, and found himself exiled from the capital as a result.

Jon was sent back North, forced to rejoin the Night’s Watch as punishment — but as any viewer knows, Jon spent some of his happiest moments beyond the Wall. He’s able to reconnect with his true identity as a Northman, illustrated by his reunion with Ghost at Castle Black.

Ghost is one of two surviving Stark direwolves, who were introduced on the series premiere.

The sigil of House Stark is a direwolf, so Ghost represents Jon’s connection to his family.

When Jon said goodbye to Ghost earlier this season on episode four — without so much as a pat on the head — it broke fans’ hearts. Many saw the scene as a way to represent Jon turning his back on House Stark and embracing his Targaryen blood.

So after killing Daenerys, who was the embodiment of House Targaryen’s power and brutality, it makes sense that Ghost would take his place by Jon’s side once again.

Fans are thrilled that Jon and Ghost finally shared a tender moment, especially since the direwolf was sidelined for multiple seasons. Jon hadn’t physically “touched” Ghost since season four, when Jon was still a brother of the Night’s Watch.

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Many fans joked that the “Thrones” showrunners only added the scene after fans’ outraged reactions to their lackluster goodbye on episode four.

Some said it was the best part — or even the only good part — of the series finale.

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