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Futuristic face mask with bone conduction speakers on sale



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This audio mask features ultra-fine filtration and Bluetooth for wireless calling.
This audio mask features ultra-fine filtration and Bluetooth for wireless calling.

Image: Vivzone

TL;DR: Stay protected while working out or making calls with a bone conduction audio mask for $84.99, a 14% savings as of Aug. 24. 

Welcome to 2020. The year when companies started making high-tech masks with bone conduction technology built into them. Meet Vivzone’s Bone Conduction Audio Mask.

Make no mistake, this isn’t one of those masks you can buy on Etsy. Created specifically for exercising, it’s engineered with protection, leisure, and comfort in mind. It has an ultra-fine filter that functions to protect you from dust, bacteria, and other potentially harmful particles so you can breathe clean air, whether you’re jogging, hiking, biking, or strolling.

Check it out:

But what really sets it apart from other masks is that it’s also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to help you listen to music, pick up calls, and hear real-time navigation. Instead of in-ear buds, it uses a bone conduction speaker to free your ears and lessen direct harm to your eardrums. That way, you can enjoy your favorite playlists while you run, all while still being able to hear your surroundings. Like a car coming at you, for example.

As a totally unrelated bonus, sporting it will also make you look like you belong in Mortal Kombat

Normally $99, you can get this mask on sale for only $84.99.

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