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Fox changes release date for new ‘X-Men’ movie ‘Dark Phoenix’ — for the second time



xmen dark phoenix
Michael Fassbender in “Dark Phoenix”

  • Fox, the movie studio behind the “X-Men” franchise, has
    changed the release date for “Dark Phoenix” for the second time.
  • The movie has been pushed back from February 2019 to summer
  • The change comes less than two days after the first trailer
    for the movie debuted.


Less than two days after the first trailer premiered, the release
date for the next “X-Men” movie has been pushed back — again.

Rather than coming to theaters on February 14, the movie has been
moved to the busy summer blockbuster season on June 7 (via
Deadline). That’s about a
month after Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” comes to theaters
in May, and a month before “Spider-Man: Far From Home” arrives in
July. Either Fox feels confident enough about the movie to
release it among so many other big titles, or last-minute changes
to the movie are potentially being made.

This is the second time that Fox, the studio behind the “X-Men”
franchise, has pushed the movie. It was originally scheduled for
this November, and production issues have reportedly plagued
it. Montreal newspaper La Presse reported in
July that the movie was undergoing extensive reshoots.

The first “Dark Phoenix” trailer debuted during Wednesday’s “The
Late Late Show” to mixed reactions from fans.
Some are excited to see Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut, but
many feel it looks too similar to 2006’s disappointing “X-Men:
The Last Stand,” which also attempted to bring the acclaimed Dark
Phoenix storyline from the comics to the big screen.

“Gambit,” an “X-Men” spin-off movie starring Channing Tatum that
has faced development issues for years, was also moved from June
7 to March 2020, according to Deadline.

Watch the “Dark Phoenix” trailer below:


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