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Fortnite tombstone and tires Easter egg



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The creators of “Fortnite: Battle Royale” are known to add hidden
jokes and easter eggs to the game for players to find and

The latest addition to the island is a tombstone and pile of
tires, placed at the site of a rescue mission gone wrong. 

The odd tribute is a reference to a viral video captured by
Australian Fortnite streamer Muselk, who found another player,
who would later be identified as Chaperdoodle,
stuck in a ledge off the side of the island and attempted to help
him get back up the cliffside, before it all went wrong. 

Because Fortnite allows players to build stairs and other
structures from gathered materials, Muselk immediately tries to
build his way down the mountain to rescue the fallen
player, only to realize that the distance to the ledge is
just out of range of the game’s build limit, and his new friend
will need an extra boost to reach his rescuer. 

Knowing the new golf carts are equipped with a jump pad on the
top, Muselk quickly returns to the top of the cliff, retrieves a
cart, and plans to deliver it to his friend at the bottom…by
driving off the side. 

The rescue mission goes sour when Chaperdoodle
gets in the way of the falling cart, and is knocked off the ledge
into the ocean, rendering Muselk’s rescue attempts tragically

The video went viral last week on Twitter and the Fortnite
subreddit and even garnered attention from the creators at Epic
Games, who posted the video on the official Fortnite Twitter

On Tuesday, after the game’s weekly update, one player noticed
that the developers had added the tombstone to the ledge, in
honor Chaperdoodle’s memory, in addition to the tires,
which offer a powerful bounce for any future player that may find
themselves trapped on the same ledge.

A video of the easter egg was first posted by reddit
user StoreBrandEnigma, and has since been shared by Muselk
himself on Twitter:


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