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‘Fortnite’ Creative mode just leaked: VIDEO



Fortnite (leaked mode)
“Fortnite” includes two modes: “Save the World” and
“Battle Royale.” A new mode is on the way, called


  • The world’s biggest game, “Fortnite,”
    is getting a new mode named “Creative.”
  • The new mode focuses on creation without limitations —
    it’s similar to the creative mode in “Minecraft.”
  • Players can create minigames in the new mode, or simply
    use it to build worlds.

“Fortnite” is getting a new “Creative” mode, and it may arrive as
soon as this week.

That’s according to a leak from popular “Fortnite”
YouTuber Lachlan
, who published a video detailing the mode —
then removed the video, likely due to the fact that Epic Games
has yet to officially announce the new game mode.

Between Lachlan’s popularity and the internet being what it is,
copies of the original video are still swirling around. During
the introduction, Lachlan explains that Epic Games flew him and
“a bunch of creators” to the North Carolina-based headquarters of
the “Fortnite” studio. He says that he spent a few days playing
with the new mode, and it’s, “awesome.”

So, what is it?

Like the name implies, Creative mode allows players to create
custom islands within the trappings of “Fortnite.” 

Fortnite (leak)Epic

Think of it like an infinite version of the building system
that’s already a crucial component of “Fortnite.” You can fly
through the air, pick up existing objects and copy/move them, and
create from nothing — no need to collect resources! 

If that sounds a lot like the creative mode in “Minecraft,”
that’s because it’s very similar. 

Along those lines, friends are able to join up with you to help
create and play around on the maps. You can add various game
modes to your custom levels as well — traditional stuff like
Deathmatch — and revisit your custom levels to play later. 

For now, it looks like the mode may only head to the
PC. That said, without an official announcement, there’s
only so much info to go on thus far. Epic Games didn’t respond to
a request for comment, but it sounds like something more official
is coming in the very near future.

Check out a mirror of the video right here

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