Sega Genesis ClassicsRemember VHS tapes? Yeah, me neither.Sega

Ever since Nintendo released the adorable NES Classic Edition back in 2016, there’s been a gold rush on hardware-based classic gaming: People simply love to buy tiny, nostalgia-laced boxes that resemble classic consoles like the NES and Super Nintendo.

It was no surprise when, earlier this year, Sony unveiled its own version — the PlayStation Classic — that costs $100 and arrives this December with 20 games packed in.

But what about Sega? What about everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, and the dozens of other classic characters and games from the Sega Genesis? Great news:

Sega Genesis Classics (Switch)Is that “Golden Axe”? It is “Golden Axe”!Sega

“Sega Genesis Classics” is an incredible package, with 51 classic Genesis games all baked into delightfully retro trappings (like the old TV with a VHS player built-in seen above). 

Better still: It costs just $30 for all 51 games! Here’s the full rundown.