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Fitness maker Peloton is booming as it prepares for an IPO




Business has already been booming for Peloton. But for the maker of smart fitness equipment, the good times may only be starting to roll.

That’s the word from early investors and industry analysts. In Peloton, they see a company whose business model looks less like a traditional gym equipment manufacturer and more like the ones Apple and Gillette rode to success.

As it’s attracted a cult-like following since its founding in 2012, the company has seen its sales and valuation skyrocket. Both may be about to go much higher. The company earlier this month confidentially filed its paperwork for an initial public offering.

Peloton faces a host of challenges, including increasing competition, relatively high prices, and a limited selection of products. But analysts and early investors are confident it’s more than ready to meet them.

SUBSCRIBE TO READ: Peloton, the fitness startup with a cultlike following, could go public at an $8 billion valuation. Insiders reveal why its business seems set to explode.

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