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First side view of upcoming Fisker Ocean electric SUV shows its shape



Another electric SUV is vying for your hard-earned cash.

Fisker’s Ocean SUV is expected to arrive by 2022 as a Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E competitor. It’s been a long time coming after an electric luxury sedan from the company flopped several years ago. 

Instead of announcing a starting price for the SUV, the company detailed a flexible leasing structure on Wednesday. It also showed a new photo of the vehicle from the side (see above). Yup, it’s an SUV alright.

Last month, the first all-electric vehicle from iconic vehicle designer Henrik Fisker unveiled its name, Ocean, and a slew of environmentally friendly features, like a full-length solar panel roof. 

The Ocean electric SUV wants to be an eco car.

The Ocean electric SUV wants to be an eco car.

Starting Wednesday, you can reserve the car for a refundable $250 through the Fisker website or the official app (on the App Store and Google Play store) and then work out out a lease package later. With $2,999 down before the car arrives in 2022, Ocean lease customers will pay $379 per month and can choose how long they want the car, anywhere from a month to several years. The lease includes 30,000 miles per year and all maintenance and repairs.

For Fisker fans who want to own the car outright, pricing will be announced in January. Previously Fisker promised a car around $40,000. At first, the car will only be available through the lease program.

Also coming in January is the car’s official unveiling. Instead of a show car, a production-ready prototype will be on display, showing off the solar roof, recycled materials for the carpeting, plastic parts, and more eco features. A four-wheel drive version will be available to reserve with electric motors in the front and back. Also, a “California Mode” is offered for all orders to give a convertible-like feel without actually opening up the car. 

More about the car, including its tight-lipped reveal, is supposed to come out in December. Details about Fisker’s first EV since its Karma vehicle fizzled have been dribbling out slowly all year. 

We’re ready for the Ocean to finally make a wave.

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