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Fans want Netflix ‘Daredevil’ renewal, but data shows interest is down




  • Fans are calling for Netflix’s “Daredevil” to be renewed for
    a fourth season, with the Twitter hashtag #RenewDaredevil.
  • But social-media data suggests those efforts could be in
  • An analysis done by Crimson Hexagon for Business Insider
    shows that online conversation for “Daredevil” has been
    lackluster since the third season debuted last month, only
    spiking when the character’s creator, Stan Lee, died.
  • It follows a similar pattern of other Marvel shows that
    Netflix recently canceled, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist.”


It’s been a month since the third season of Marvel’s “Daredevil”
premiered on Netflix, and still no word on a season four renewal.
In an effort to change that, fans have been taking to Twitter
with the hashtag #RenewDaredevil — but their
efforts may be in vain.

Normally, one month wouldn’t be cause for alarm, especially
considering Netflix is notorious for taking its time renewing
shows. (Netflix renewed “Daredevil” for season
a week after the first season dropped, but it renewed it for a third
 three months after the second season debuted.)

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But fans are anxious considering Netflix canceled “Luke Cage” and
“Iron Fist” last month, leaving the fate of its remaining Marvel
shows — “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” and “The Punisher” (which
wrapped filming on its second season this year) — up in the air.

As Disney, which owns Marvel, prepares to release its own
streaming service, Disney+, late next year (which would be in
competition with Netflix) there’s reason to believe that “Luke Cage”
and “Iron Fist” could be just the start of Netflix getting out of
the Marvel business.

But a social-media analysis by consumer-insights company Crimson
Hexagon, provided to Business Insider last month, showed there
could be a simpler reason for the recent cancellations: interest
had dramatically decreased over time for “Luke Cage” and “Iron

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And “Daredevil” is far from safe in that regard.

While the show has a loyal following, an updated analysis showed
a similar pattern to “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”: there were far
fewer Twitter and Instagram posts for season 2 than for season 1,
and the drop was even more dramatic from season 2 to season 3.

Crimson Hexagon updated its analysis for Business Insider to
extend to this week. Here are the results, divided into two

daredevil crimson hexagon




As shown in the first graph, the number of posts about
“Daredevil” was cut in half from season 2 to season 3, and was
well down from the season 1 high. And the conversation
surrounding the show has been quiet since its premiere. The only
time “Daredevil” spiked since then was when Stan Lee, the Marvel
Comics legend who created the character, died earlier this

The data suggests a tough road ahead for fans who want to see
more of the Man Without Fear. But for Netflix, it might make the
decision to part ways with one more Marvel hero easier.

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