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Facebook could launch a singing talent show feature for its app



black mirror fifteen million merits
Engineer Jane Manchun Wong
said the feature reminded her of a “Black Mirror”


  • Facebook is developing a talent show feature for its
    app where users sing a popular song and submit their rendition
    for review.
  • The feature was spotted by engineer Jane Manchun Wong,
    who likened it both to Musically and an episode of “Black
  • Manchun Wong has a track record of uncovering upcoming
    features by reverse-engineering code.

Facebook has been developing a feature for its app which allows
people to compete in a singing talent-show format.

Engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who
has a track record of uncovering upcoming features by
reverse-engineering code
, spotted the in-development feature,
which she described as resembling “a cross between Musically and
Fifteen Million Merits from Black Mirror.”

It seems that specific pages would be eligible for the feature,

much like its trivia game show feature
, and the copyright for
the music is sourced through Facebook and Instagram’s existing
Rights Manager.

Whether Facebook intends it to be as dark as “Fifteen Million
Merits” is another matter. In the “Black Mirror” episode, the
characters participate in a dystopian talent show to escape the
drudgery of their everyday lives, where they endlessly cycle on
stationary bikes to earn “merits.”

Facebook declined to comment on whether this feature will be
rolled out when contacted by Business Insider.

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