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Facebook announces the Oculus Quest, a new VR headset that doesn’t require a PC



Oculus Quest
The Oculus Quest will launch in Spring 2019 for


  • Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset, a new standalone virtual
    reality system that doesn’t require a PC to run, will launch in
    Spring 2019 for $399.
  • Mark Zuckerberg announced the Oculus Quest during the Oculus
    Connect 5 keynote and said it completes the first generation of
    Oculus products.
  • Oculus Quest will be compatible with some Oculus Rift
    software and comes with built-in audio and two controllers, and
    will offer full positional tracking.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage on Thursday and
announced a new virtual reality system, the Oculus Quest, that
will launch in Spring 2019 with a $399 price tag.

The stand-alone device, which evolved from Facebook’s “Santa
Cruz” prototype headset, will be compatible with existing Oculus
software and looks to improve the portability and range of motion
tracking for VR experiences.

Like the Oculus Go, the Oculus Quest doesn’t require a computer,
cell phone, or external tracking senors. But the key difference
is that, unlike the Oculus Go, the Oculus Quest offers full
positional tracking, utilizing what’s called “inside-out
tracking” to understand where a player is standing, crouching, or
leaning. While the Oculus Go can track the rotation of your head,
it lacks full positional tracking, which can increase the
likelihood of motion sickness — full positional tracking
decreases the chances of that.

Another difference? The Quest will feature two handheld
controllers like the Oculus Rift, both of which can be tracked in
real-time by the headset’s sensors. Zuckerberg said the Quest
completes the first generation of Oculus products, offering an
option between the entry-level Oculus Go and the Oculus Rift,
which is run by a computer for superior graphics.

The Oculus Quest matches the 1600×1440 per eye display resolution
of the Oculus Go, has built-in audio and 64GB of storage.

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