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Exclusive code for Urbanista Boston Night Runner earphones



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25% off the Boston range.
25% off the Boston range.

Image: Urbanista

Anyone who runs regularly knows two things for certain. One: Running while listening to music makes you run much faster. Two: Finding a set of comfortable and secure earphones is a difficult task.

In case you didn’t notice, those two fundamental running tenets clash with one another. How frustrating it must be to have all that untapped potential, waiting to be unleashed, only to be let down by an uncomfortable set of earphones that keep slipping out. 

It begs the question, is it possible to have wireless sport earphones that maintain a perfect fit? If you were to ask Urbanista, then it would probably point you in the direction of its Boston Night Runner Reflex earphones, normally available for £69.99.

We say “normally” because you can now get 25% off Urbanista Boston Night Runner earphones with the exclusive code MASHABLE25. This code also works across the entire Boston earphone range, so there should be something for everyone.

Boston Night Runner Reflex earphones can be paired with your device so that you can enjoy six hours of tangle free music without the need for cables. That should more than cover any sort of run. We aren’t saying that you aren’t capable of running for six hours straight but let’s be honest who in their right mind would want to? 

The Boston Night Runner Reflex earphones also come equipped with a built-in mic that allows you to take calls anywhere, designed earbuds for a secure and comfortable fit, and water-resistant technology. Basically, they are secure, comfortable, and stylish. What more do you need?



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