veronica mars“Veronica Mars”The CW

Reboots are a major TV craze today, and it can be hard to keep up with every show that’s coming back after a hiatus. Most of the major networks have dabbled in reboots, from NBC’s successful “Will & Grace” to ABC’s ill-fated “Roseanne.” 

Netflix has numerous reboots in “Fuller House,” “Lost in Space,” and more, and a “Veronica Mars” reboot is in development at Hulu.

We’ve rounded up every major TV reboot that is currently airing or in the works. We excluded shows that were canceled this year and immediately picked up by other networks, such as “Lucifer,” which is heading to Netflix, and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which NBC quickly snatched up after Fox canceled it.

We also excluded reality and animated shows (with some notable exceptions), as well as reboots based on movies, such as “Lethal Weapon” and YouTube Red’s “Cobra Kai.”

Below are 27 major TV reboots currently airing or in the works: