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Every ‘90s kid will want this adorable ink-less note printer that’s on sale



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Send handwritten notes instantly with this portable printer.
Send handwritten notes instantly with this portable printer.

Image: memobird

The golden age of physical notes and snail mail is long gone.

Handwritten notes have been replaced by the infamous Notes app. Productivity software has superseded to-do lists and shopping lists. Emails have kicked snail mail to the curb. And the paper fortune teller you loved making in high school that your teacher kept confiscating? Those have been substituted with endless online quizzes.

The only people exchanging letters are Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, and even they are fictional.

This is, without doubt, a shame. Physical notes still carry a certain allure. And now that telegrams are obsolete, there is no easy way to send sweet nothings to the people you care about on the fly without resorting to electronic messaging.

Except there is: the MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer is a portable personal note printer, messenger, and organizer that bridges the gap between the digital and the analog. And you can get one right now at the Mashable Shop for only $59.99.

Check it out:

The MEMOBIRD is like a modern-day raven, capable of transmitting notes to anyone, including yourself — except that this raven doesn’t fly, nor is it alive (messenger birds only exist in Westeros, sorry).

Have grandparents that can’t open an email to save their lives but still want to remind them that you care about them? On top of giving them a call, you can send them a heartfelt note via MEMOBIRD. Using the accompanying app, you can either write or type your message, and the printer will print it remotely even if you’re far away. The rest of your family can also download the app and shower your Nana and Papa sweet words from time to time.

Send text or images.

Send text or images.

You can also gift one to a long-distance lover or friend, so you can send them notes, pictures, and secret messages even if you’re thousands of miles away!

What’s even more impressive about MEMOBIRD is that it requires zero ink to print. It’s also completely portable, allowing you to take to your home, office, and back again. That way, you can easily print reminders, shopping lists, and more anytime and anywhere.

Head on over to the Mashable Shop now to score the MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer on sale. It usually retails for $79.99, but you can get it today for $59.99 — a savings of 25%.

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