VC cardsTouchBase creator Danielle BaskinBusiness Insider/Nick Bastone

  • Danielle Baskin, the founder of a startup called Your Boss, made flashcards to keep Silicon Valley investors straight in her head.
  • Those flashcards evolved into TouchBase — a line of VC trading cards that she prints from a garage.
  • Each $60 pack contains five cards. 
  • She’s received about 50 orders so far, and many VCs have got in touch to request that they be added to the lineup. 
  • Like ‘real’ trading cards, some VCs are harder to find in a pack than others. 

When Danielle Baskin needed to raise money for her startup, called Your Boss, she started making flash cards to keep straight all the various investors she was planning to pitch.

“I realized venture capital is kind of like a sport,” Baskin told Business Insider in a recent interview. 

Though she wasn’t much of a collector growing up, the connection between venture capitalists and the world of sport sparked an idea  — what if she turned the detailed notes on her flashcards into actual trading cards for the venture capital industry? 

TouchBase VC trading cards were born. Baskin tells us that the first packs will be shipped in the coming weeks. Each pack contains five cards and retails for $59.99.

We had first learned of Baskin’s project a couple of weeks back but recently visited her San Francisco studio to learn more about the TouchBase project.

Here’s what we found: