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Discontinued tech gadgets we once loved and will never see again



sidekick phoneRemember the Sidekick phone? Teens and celebrities scurried to get their hands on one when they debuted in the 2000s.Richard Drew/AP

  • As near and dear as some tech products are to our hearts, they can’t always withstand the test of time.
  • Sony Walkmans were replaced by CDs, which were then replaced by iPods, which were then replaced by our smartphones.
  • Gone but not forgotten, here are 51 tech gadgets we miss.

It happens all the time — for one reason or another, a company gives up on a beloved product and gives it the “End of Life” kiss of death.

The company stops producing it. It stops supporting it. It diverts its resources to other pursuits in hopes of creating something bigger and better than before.

And then, that gadget we once loved is gone.

Whether it’s for purely nostalgic reasons or practical purposes, here are 51 discontinued products that we miss.

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