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11 filmmakers have directed one or more of the 24 “007 James Bond” films to date — but Danny Boyle will not be one of them.

The official James Bond Twitter account announced on Tuesday that Boyle — the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Steve Jobs,” “28 Days Later,” and more — exited the untitled 25th Bond film over “creative differences.”

The movie is scheduled for a November 2019 release date and was supposed to start production later this year, which means a replacement director will probably be announced soon if it wants to meet the release date.

Of those 11 Bond directors, none have been a woman or person of color, so with Boyle gone, it feels like a good time to consider the likes of Steve McQueen, Kathryn Bigelow, and more.

But no matter who replaces Boyle, they’ll most likely be directing star Daniel Craig in his last Bond film after he reluctantly came back for his fifth outing as the character. The pressure’s on.

Below are 10 filmmakers who should direct the next James Bond movie: