destiny 2 forsakenYouTube/BungieBack in May 2017, months before the launch of “Destiny 2,” I spoke to the game’s director Luke Smith at length about “unhiding the fun,” a phrase he continually used to describe the upcoming sequel to “Destiny.”

Smith’s “unhiding the fun” mantra was an allusion to the first game, where players felt like too many features stood in the way of having fun: from simple things, like not being able to see where you are on a giant map of a planet, to how you’d need to visit third-party websites to find other people to play with. “Destiny 2″ was an attempt to destroy those barriers between players and the game they wanted to play.”

Over a year later, Smith’s goal to “unhide the fun” was only somewhat successful.

“Destiny 2” stumbled out the gate when it launched to the public, and needed a full year to fix some of its biggest issues that kept players away. The massive “Forsaken” update in September has been a definite improvement, as it offers plenty of new incentives for players to return to the game, but there are five specific aspects of the game that stand between players and having more fun.