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CyberGhost VPN has dropped to just £2.18 a month



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Pretty much the best price out there.
Pretty much the best price out there.

Image: cyberghost vpn

If you were good this year then you must have received some exciting Christmas gifts like electronic products, or maybe even a tablet or laptop. If that was the case, then it’s important that you stay protected, for the good of you and your device.

VPNs replace your IP address, making you anonymous online. The result is that whatever you do online will remain a mystery to your Internet Service Provider and anyone else that’s interested in your activity. Not only that but with a VPN you can bypass censorship or geographic restrictions to enjoy your favourite music, TV series, and sports events with minimal hassle. 

So if you have a brand-new device, a VPN may be the perfect accompaniment. You can now secure CyberGhost VPN for three years at the low price of £2.18 a month. This Christmas deal works out at around £78 over the course of the contract and represents a massive 79% saving on list price.

With over 3000 servers worldwide, the ability to connect to seven devices at the same time, and 24/7 live support, CyberGhost VPN can keep your precious new device safe all year long.

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