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Construction worker dad has become an Instagram influencer




The only influencer you need to follow on Instagram is a coffee-loving, cigar-smoking construction worker who recently rose to fame thanks to his daughter.

Omar, a construction worker in Austin, Texas, created the account @justaconstructionguy, after his daughter taught him what an influencer was.

Omar’s daughter said on Twitter that when she told him about influencers on social media, his response was: “Pssh, I could do that.”

Just over a month later, Omar really has done it. He now has more than 388,000 followers.

His daughter shared his new account on her Twitter, and it was later posted by the meme Instagram account @middleclassfancy.

His Instagram captures Omar’s day-to-day life as a construction worker in Austin. He has shared classic candids in front of his work sites, and even a break down of his daily uniform.

The bicycle-riding construction worker also keeps up with current Instagram trends, like the #TakeMeWithYou pose, and the perfectly captured coffee spill.

Other pictures show his preferred coffee routine and taco lunch.

Omar follows just 29 accounts, including The Home Depot, cigar and coffee-themed accounts, and photo aggregators that post construction equipment.

INSIDER reached out to Omar and his daughter for comment.

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