UberYou probably have “Ubered” to work.MikeDotta/Shutterstock

  • Companies’ reputations are crucial to their success, so they spend millions of dollars on marketing.
  • Many companies achieve success when their names become synonymous with the product or service they provide.
  • If you’ve ever Googled something or Ubered to work, you know exactly what we mean.
  • Here are 17 companies with such good marketing that their names have become verbs.


When you’re in business, reputation is everything. Many brands spend a fortune on marketing, trying to become a household name. But you know a brand has really arrived when its name actually becomes synonymous with the product or service it provides.

Odds are, you’ve Ubered from time to time when you didn’t feel like driving. You’ve probably FaceTimed a friend or Skyped with a colleague in a remote workspace at some point. And honestly, who doesn’t Google something on a daily basis?

Here are 17 brands that are so well-marketed, they’ve actually become verbs: