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‘Captain Marvel’ trailer has become a hilarious meme of old lady



Captain Marvel 2 Disney final
“Captain Marvel.”

  • We still can’t get enough of the “Captain Marvel”
  • Especially the part when she punches an old lady.
  • And the memes of it are hilarious.


It was only a matter of time: Carol Danvers putting the smackdown
on an old lady on the subway has now become a meme.

Though the
long-awaited first trailer of “Captain Marvel”
(in theaters
March 8, 2019) has the superhero crashing through a Blockbuster
Video store and features a young, two-eyed, Nick Fury, the major
highlight is a quick clip of Danvers (played by Brie Larson) on a
Los Angeles subway line punching a little old lady. Don’t worry,
that grandma is probably an evil Skrull in disguise (we hope).

But the moment instantly became the trailer’s most shareable
moment as comments and gifs about it spread online. And then
there were the memes. 

Below is a collection of some of our favorites (so


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