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Camping gear and cool gadgets on sale now



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While there's nothing wrong with a camping diet made up exclusively of s'mores, it's nice to have options.
While there’s nothing wrong with a camping diet made up exclusively of s’mores, it’s nice to have options.

Image: ncamp

Camping is a lot more fun when you come prepared. If you plan on spending Labor Day weekend in the great outdoors, take your pick from these clutch camping items, all of which are on sale:

Cooking outdoors is easier said than done, but with this, it’s just plain easier. It includes a stove that’s designed to burn wood, liquid, and solid fuel with a built-in prep surface that can be used to cut, stage, and serve food. And with the included case and collapsible design, you can easily transport it from point A to point B. Get it on sale for $75 — 25% off the usual $100.

Instead of talking about how much you want a cold beer on a long hike, have yourself a cold beer on a long hike. Life is short, friends! This bag features an extra-large interior capacity, insulated cooler pocket, and dual-sided water bottle/accessory compartments. There’s a dual tech port that allows for easy charging, as well as an RFID-lined pocket to store sensitive material like IDs and credit cards. Plus, with the padded shoulder straps and sliding sternum strap, you can enjoy a secure and comfortable fit. Grab one on sale for $59 — 14% off the normal cost of $69.

Stop lugging around heavy water bottles and carry this hydration pack instead. With a flexible hose that draws from a heat-sealed, BPA-free water bladder, it lets you carry water without added bulk. All you have to do is wear it, feed your hose over either of the straps, and hydrate as you go. Usually retailing for $49.99, you can get it on sale for $15.99.

You can’t really bring your Keurig when you go off the grid, but you can tote around this coffee kit that’s comprised of a café espresso brewer, water bottle, and insulated cups. It’s capable of making 12 ounces of espresso-style java, and the included cups can keep your drink warm for extended periods. It typically goes for $82, but you can get it on sale for $62.

Whether you need to move snow, dirt, or debris, this compact shovel can handle the job. It comes with a handy carrying bag that makes it easy to tote around when you’re traveling or camping. Snag it on sale for $22 — 63% off the usual cost of $59.99.

A multi-functional knife is always handy, and this one is built to be durable and strong in situations that require the use of force. It has a thick design that allows for a secure grip, yet it remains compact enough to be toted around wherever you go. Get this Kickstarter hit on sale for $35 — 53% off the usual $75.

You’ll need a dependable light source when you’re in the great outdoors, and this bundle features three heavy-duty LED items — a tactical lantern, a tactical light, and a headlamp — all of which are guaranteed to be lifesavers when you’re stuck in the dark. Get the set on sale for $25 — 74% off the regular price of $99.

This 5-in-1 bracelet can start a fire in a pinch with its built-on flint, but it also functions as a scraper, a compass, a whistle, and a paracord string. This deal nets you two of these bad boys, so you can give one to your camping buddy. Grab the pack on sale for $15.99.

This tool may be minuscule in size, but it boasts 11 different functions — a can opener, a screwdriver, a rule opener, a saw blade, and a butterfly wrench, among others — to stand up to any task. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily store it in your purse, wallet, glove box, or pocket. Regularly $14.99, you can now get it on sale for $12.50.

Be fully prepared for any survival situation with this military-grade keychain of a whopping 550 pound strength. It also has a fire-starter flint and steel built-in, plus a carabiner for hooking anywhere. And should it happen to break (which is nearly impossible), you can claim the lifetime guarantee. It usually goes for $23, but you can get it on sale for $10.99.

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