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Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind vacuum is on sale for $99 at Walmart



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Keep your home up to your standard of clean, even when a Dyson or Roomba isn't in the budget.
Keep your home up to your standard of clean, even when a Dyson or Roomba isn’t in the budget.

Image: bissell

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but using a hand vacuum to clean your entire house does not count as cleaning. Don’t even get me started on just not having a vacuum at all.

When the budget is tight, money obviously has to go to more prioritized expenses like bills, groceries, and clothes. But a new vacuum doesn’t always mean shelling out $500: The Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind Bagless Vacuum is $30 off at Walmart, making it just $99. That’s about a quarter of what robot vacuums cost.

Your hatred toward vacuuming may not even lie in the actual chore — frustration is inevitable when your old, crappy vacuum makes more of a mess than helping it. The Bissell PowerLifter’s scatter-free technology was made specifically for slippery hard surfaces where debris gets out of reach easily.

The Triple Action brush roll spins to loosen and lift pet hair that’s been walked on and matted down for years, with the swivel head coming in clutch to maneuver crowded rooms and clean under furniture. Included attachments make it easy to reach pet hair stuck in upholstery and hard-to-reach corners in the car.

Customer Debbie writes:

“We have 4 animals and had no idea there was so much hair in the carpets until after the first time we used this vacuum. Our carpets actually look newer since all the excess hair the other vacuum didn’t pick up is gone. Best vacuum I’ve owned, would buy again. And attachments are powerful too.”

This Bissell is also armed with a Febreze filter with the Pet Odor Eliminating scent to neutralize pet odors around the house and near the litter box.

Regularly $129, you can save $30 and get it for $99.

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