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Best single-serve coffee makers for a quick caffeine fix



For those who like to have plenty of options when brewing their coffee, the is an excellent choice. The amount of programmable options make this a good pick for households whose coffee tastes vary. Choose from auto on and off features, brew temperature, and cup size. It is compatible with K-Cups for added convenience, and includes a reusable filter cup for use with your favorite loose grounds. 
One standout feature is the machine’s hot water button, which lets users instantly dispense hot water for making instant coffee, soups, tea, or hot chocolate. When you’re done brewing, use the rinse feature to instantly clean the inside of the brew chamber. There’s no waiting for this machine to heat up, and it can dispense a hot cup of coffee in under a minute—perfect for those busy mornings!
A charcoal water filter for ensures the best tasting coffee, while the large water reservoir means you can brew several cups of coffee before having to refill the tank. It uses only BPA-free plastics for added safety and peace of mind. The removable drip tray slides out so that you can brew directly into a travel mug for added convenience. 
Amazon user writes: 

“As a loyal Keurig consumer, it was stepping far outside the box for me to purchase this coffeemaker but I am so glad that I did. I’ve been using Keurigs from the year they came out, and after the third machine quit on me – this one less than two years old – I decided to stop throwing good money after bad. Truthfully the quality of their machines has declined to the point of unacceptability. In searching for alternatives, I settled on this one, and what a wonderful cup of coffee I keep getting out of it! I did not think I would like the auto shutoff feature, because it takes an age to warm up the Keurigs, but this one brews a FAST delicious cup of coffee, from off to hot coffee in under a minute. It is a marked improvement over my previous coffeemaker both in taste and speed of brewing. If like me you’re struggling over an alternative to the bi-yearly Keurig purchase, give this one a try. You’re welcome.”

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