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Best Kindle Paperwhite cases on Amazon



While tablets are great, they haven’t been able to fully replace e-readers. Devices like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are still popular and affordable enough for those who want to switch to e-books.

But if you’re going to take your books everywhere, you’re going to need a case to prevent damage. So finding the right one is key. But which cases out there are the best?

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to finding cases for the Kindle Paperwhite. And plenty of those cases have gotten super-positive feedback from Amazon users.

After searching Amazon, these are some of the best cases available for anyone who has swapped traditional books for the Paperwhite. Find the one that fits your lifestyle and you’ll be all set.

To keep it on-brand, it only makes sense that one of the first recommendations when it comes to the Kindle Paperwhite is the Amazon protective case. It delivers what would be expected out of a basic  case, with the Kindle clipping in and the cover turning it on and off.

64% of users on Amazon vouch for the protective cover with five-star reviews, suggesting that it’s a good addition to anyone’s Kindle.

While e-readers like the Kindle Paperwhite make reading more convenient, that doesn’t mean the elements can’t take their toll. Whether its water, dust, or sand, there are plenty of ways for the Paperwhite to suffer. And you want to be able to take it to the beach or pool, right?

For those sorts of situations, the WALNEW universal waterproof case is the ideal case. This case uses three “zip lock” strips to seal in the Paperwhite. It doesn’t impede functionality either, so you can still read and play games, even when at the beach or just traveling in general.

With 68% of users giving this case five-star reviews on Amazon, WALNEW is clearly doing something right.

Sometimes you want to roll in style, and nothing says style like leather. 

Benuo has a case that delivers that quality to the Kindle Paperwhite. Its premium leather case definitely delivers on the style with its simple look. It works like most other cases, with the Kindle snapping into the inner shell with a booklet style. As a bonus, it sports two small slits for any sort of personal or business card you may want to keep with the Kindle to make it look even more profesh.

And don’t worry, plenty of people have been pleased with the Benuo leather case. As it stands, it has received five stars from 69% of users on Amazon.

Maybe you want a leather-look case, but don’t care about having a full flip case for the Paperwhite. That is where the Bear Motion slim sleeve comes in. As the name implies, the Bear Motion case is a simple sleeve case to slide the Paperwhite into. It may not be real leather, but it still looks slick. 

The choice of simplicity doesn’t hurt the case either, as Amazon users attest with their reviews. Currently, 86% of reviewers have given the case five stars.

Let’s be honest, we all get nervous at the sight of young kids with a tablet, because we never know if that tablet will still be in one piece when they’re done. That’s where the right case can really come into play, and Fintie has one for the Paperwhite. 

The Fintie Silicon Case is the type of case to look at if durability is crucial to you. The case claims to protect the Paperwhite from potential drops, which is always a big risk with kids.

And 78% of users on Amazon have been happy with the Fintie case, giving it five stars. So you can feel free to encourage your kids to read digitally.

The more flexibility you can get out of any piece, the better, and the same goes for cases. MoKo’s vertical flip case has three textured points to allow the Paperwhite to stand at an angle. This allows for hands-free reading. And even when it’s closed, the case uses small magnets to keep the flip cover sealed.

77% of reviewers have been pleased enough with the MoKo case to give it five stars.

Fintie has its own stand case that has a little more of a traditional feel to it. The origami case looks like most traditional flip cases, with the book cover design. However, the front cover has bends that allow the Paperwhite to stand up for some hands-free reading. Simply fold up the back as needed to fit the angle you want.

Amazon reviewers seem to like the unusual design. 70% of users on Amazon have given the Fintie origami case five stars, which means the case delivers. And if you want to roll in style, there are plenty of colors and designs to choose from.

As convenient as e-readers and tablets are, sometimes you want that feel of a physical book. And there is something about a hardcover book that just feels good in your hands. If that’s what you’re looking for, then KleverCase has the cover for you.

The KleverCase book cover for the Paperwhite provides part of that book feel for the e-reader. The case looks like a hardcover while the Paperwhite is snapped in on the inside, giving it a more unique look.

And plenty of people have responded positively to this particular case. Currently, 76% of Amazon users have rated the KleverCase at five stars. You can choose between some of history’s most famous books, like Pride & Prejudice and To Kill A Mockingbird. (Or, for real: The Bible.)

MoKo has another case available for the Paperwhite, the MoKo sleeve, which caters to travelers. 

As the name implies, it’s a sleeve case that’s a little more geared for extensive travel. It sports a seal to keep the Paperwhite inside and is made out of nylon and flannel. The materials are a good choice for withstanding drops and preventing damage to the e-reader. And if you need an extra pocket for the charger or headphones, the case has one on the outside.

The Amazon rating backs up the quality of MoKo’s case, with 88% of users on Amazon rating the case at five stars.

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