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Best headphones under $100, according to online reviews



There’s no need to break the bank when buying the perfect headset.


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We don’t want to leave a single stone unturned when it comes to saving you money on the tech (and accessories) that have become a part of your everyday life. This time, it’s all about headphones. We scoured online reviews to discover the best headphones out there that won’t break the bank, all based on what online reviewers have to say.

A great pair of headphones can make your commute, while a crappy pair can practically ruin it. And don’t even get us started on traveling without headphones. That’s a rookie movie that we just won’t stand for.

No matter what your budget, there’s no excuse for you to live without a great pair of headphones, so you can effectively take your music, podcasts, and any other audio entertainment with you everywhere you go.

When searching for the best cheap headphones on the internet, we took into account user reviews, average rating, tech specs, and of course price. We found high quality wireless headphones, noise-cancelling ones, and even funky animal-shaped ones, all at a modest price point. 

Without further adieu, here are the best headphones for under $100:

30 hours of playtime • Includes mic for hands-free calls • Includes audio cable for emergency charging

Some reviewers complain about crackling sounds

If you’re looking for a solid pair of noise cancelling headphones for a loud office, these could be the ones.

1. Cowin E7 Headphones

With 30 hours of playtime and large 44mm speakers, the Cowin E7 headphones can deliver powerful sound you’ll love during your entire commute.

are the noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones you’ll want to take with you on your next trip. With 30 hours of playtime and large 44mm speakers, the Cowin E7 headphones can deliver powerful sound you’ll love during your entire commute, while ambient sounds simply drop away. A built-in microphone allows you to make hands-free calls while cushy ear pads will stay comfortable. These Cowin headphones are available in five great colors, including silver, red, blue, and purple in addition to the classic black. Included is a micro USB cable to charge the headphones, plus a 3.5mm audio cable in case you run out of a charge on the go and still need to tap into those noise-cancelling capabilities. Moderately priced at $62.98, can get these with free one-day shipping. Amazon customer Boston Kris writes: 

Look, I can’t compare these to Bose, because I’ve never tried them before – or any other $300 pair of headphones. However, these are fantastic for me. I work in an open office environment and sometimes the level of noise spikes from ambient to distracting to intolerable (you know how there’s always that one person in the office louder than everybody else? I sit next to five of them). The very first day, my colleague and I looked at each other and nodded, it’s time for noise cancelling headphones – so I did some research, read some reviews, and bought two Cowin E-7’s for us.

Connect to devices from up to 33 feet • Good bass

Only 13 hours of playtime

If you like to wander while you listen and cut out ambient noise, these are a great deal.

can connect to your tablet, smartphone, or TV from up 33 feet away. They have passive noise isolating capabilities, meaning they’re designed to prevent outside, ambient noise from interrupting your music. Like the Cowin headphones, these have a 40mm driver to deliver the bass you want. You get 13 hours of continuous playback, which is pretty good — especially for the price. 
Amazon customer Jessica Johnson writes:

“Fantastic head phones! They stay charged FOREVER! I had them fully charged and used them for an hour on average 6 times a week and did not need to charge them again for a month! The only complaints I have is when doing certain exercises they tend to slide off my head a little so I have to adjust them a few times.”

Excellent noise cancelling • Comfortable • Includes airline adapter • 25 hours of playback time

These solid, noise-cancelling headphones get rave reviews for quiet and comfort.

3. iDeaPLAY Headphones

These headphones feature an extra-wide headband with a hand-sewn leather finish, plus oversized, ergonomically designed ear cups.

Use a simple button on the side of these headphones by iDeaPLAY to toggle the noise-cancelling capabilities off and on. According to the product page, these headphones can reduce outside noise by 85 percent. The headphones feature an extra-wide headband with a hand-sewn leather finish, plus oversized, ergonomically designed ear cups. Included with purchase is a soft carrying case, plus an airline adapter so you can use these to enjoy in-flight entertainment while on a plane. They have over 25 hours of playback time, plus 40mm drivers to ensure that the sound quality is superb. With 4.6 out of 5 stars, it seems Amazon customers agree. Amazon reviewer writes:

I love these headphones! Really nice black design with accents of red. Sound quality is awesome with plenty of bass. Noise canceling feature really cancels out outside noise well. Very easy to pair to your device. My favorite part is how soft and comfortable these headphones are to wear. Great product. Thank you!

Priced at $79.99, we’ve seen Amazon run sales on these .

46-inch tangle-free cord • Good sound quality • Comfortable • Foldable

Not wireless, if that matters

If you’re looking for a cute and comfy corded option, these could be perfect.

come in six different color options and have a 46-inch tangle-free cord, complete with a control button. Jelly Comb designed these headphones with a stretchable headband so they fit perfectly and securely on your head. Apparently the audio is really good on these too. With 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, customers raved about the shocking sound quality. Verified purchaser writes:

“I was really surprised buy how light weight these are and how super comfy they fit too. When I first put them on I didn’t expect much from the sound quality but again, I was surprised. These are great for gaming, and being social online, but also for music and watching movies and shows. “

Great sound for the money

Not wireless, if that matters

These basic headphones feature sound that goes above expectations for the low price.

But reviewers love them. Koss says that the UR20 are built for a long life, which is pretty sweet for a pair of cheap headphones. They have a 35mm plug on the 8-foot cord, and the ear cushions are pretty plush. Even though the stats and specs seem standard, Walmart customers love them. One Walmart customer writes: 

“The reviewers were right, these are great. Very good sound; and as another reviewer mentioned, I too noticed that the sound quality improved to just the level I’d hoped for after a day or two’s use. (I can’t imagine why using them would change the initial quality, but it did, and I’m very happy with it because it’s deep, rich, full and balanced.) Also, the volume is excellent.”

Designed for comfort • Extra-long cord • Good sound quality

Not wireless, if that matters

These headphones were specially designed for comfort, but reviewers say they feature excellent sound quality, too.

For under $25 you can enjoy your favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts in near perfect clarity with They’re specially designed with a soft cushioned headband that has a twist-action structure, allowing you to listen to music without hurting your ears like some other headphone models out there. They have a super long 11-foot cord that lets you plug into devices from across the room. Walmart customers rate them 4.4 out of 5 stars. In the words of one Walmart reviewer:

Best headphones I’ve ever bought. Tried Sony on-the-ear mega bass and other nice ones, but these surpass them in all aspects. So comfy you can wear all day no problem, great sound, comes with a neat adapter if you’re a musician. I had the HA-RX300’s and I won’t ever buy anything else than JVC now.

Designed to stay in your ear • Includes special charging case

May not have the sound quality of more expensive models

If your earbuds are always falling out, you probably need these.

These wireless earbuds are practically the size of a nickel, but are said to deliver clear, powerful sound. The makers of these Bluetooth-enabled earplug style headphones say that they’re engineered to stay in place during your workout. According to the Walmart seller page, spreads contact evenly around the inside of your ear. This helps to ensure that the earbuds conform to the shape of your ear ridge, keeping both the headphones and the sound inside. The coolest thing about these headphones, if you ask us, is the charging chase they come in. It’ll keep them protected and provides two additional full charges for up to 10 hours of battery life. Walmart customer Judy Lynnr writes: 

I’m not an expert on Bluetooth wireless earbuds. However I have owned at one point or another several sets of bluetooth headphones and earbuds. I use headphones when I’m doing weight training. When I run or bike I prefer to use earbuds that are light and stay in my ear. I purchased this set because I like the tiny form factor and the charging box feature. I am happy to say that these tiny earbuds do stay put in my ear. 

Great sweat protection • Good sound

If you’re looking for exercise earbuds for a great price, these could be the ones.

8. Mpow Flame IPX7

Mpow built the IPX7 earbuds with a water-resistant nano-coating to protect the insides from sweat.

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds to take to the gym with you, might be the best choice. Mpow built the IPX7 earbuds with a water-resistant nano-coating to protect the insides from sweat. These earbuds pair with your phone via Bluetooth and you can enjoy up to 9 hours of listening time before they need to recharge. Amazon seller Eman writes:

I can not just wait to post a review about this Headphones. the Sound quality is great. if you’re looking for something like this and you do not want to pay more money. I highly recommend this Headphone. I love music a lot. so this Headphones makes me want to play music everyday

Ear hooks help them stay in place • Includes passive noise-cancelling • Great sound quality for the money

If you want your earbuds to stay in place and give you great passive noise cancelling, these could be your best bet.

Here’s another pair of earbuds that are great for sports. are Bluetooth enabled with ear-hooks that aim to give you extra comfort. The makers say the earbuds won’t fall out, even on your wildest runs. These lightweight headphones have passive noise-cancelling technology so you won’t hear as much outside noise as you otherwise would. And the battery should last you 9 hours before you have to recharge. With a signal range of 38 feet and a charge time of just two hours, these headphones have racked up a 5-star rating from each of the four people to write reviews on Walmart. Here’s what one has to say:

Excellent build quality. Easy to set up with phone and control music and calls from the headset. Sound quality is great! I can hear sounds on my music I’ve never heard before like the change in tone on a stand up bass in jazz music or something being said in the background of another song. Very pleased with these headphones thus far. In addition, not only do they have various sized adapters for different ear sizes, they also have 2 different types for each size. One is the traditional silicon type. The other is a memory foam type that I’m currently using. Both have great comfort and high sound quality.

Great low price • Sweatproof • Rave reviews on sound quality

If you’re on a budget, these could be the hard-working in-ear option for you.

Walmart sells for only $20.98. This wireless headphone set is sweat proof so you can workout or run in the rain and it should be totally fine. You can enjoy up to 8 ours of continuous talking or playtime and up to 240 hours of standby on a single charge, which isn’t too bad. You can choose between pretty standard ear tips sizes for a more secure fit. 
Walmart shopper Richard writes:

“I bought these for my husband and now I need one for myself! These headphones fit comfortably in the ear and when you’re not using them the stay nicely around your neck which makes them easy for all day use especially if you have an active job and lifestyle. The sound quality is great. Both music and phone calls have a nice crisp and clear sound quality.”

You might get tired of all the attention

These whimsical headphones will draw a crowd. You can even make the LED lights blink!

Inject a bit of whimsy into your daily commute with these You can make the LED lights blink or stay on continuously as you move through your day. These headphones come in various color options, including pink, blue, purple, and yellow, so you can have a pair to match your personality. The cable is about 5-feet long, the sound quality is standard, and the compliments you’ll get on them will be endless.

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