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Best gaming laptops that cost less than $1000



Looking for affordable gaming laptops can be hard enough as it is. If you’re also working on a tight budget, it becomes that much harder. That’s where Asus comes in with the TUF Gaming FX504 laptop, and while it’s not the most powerful gaming laptop, it proves you don’t need to break the bank on one.
Under the hood, the Asus comes packed with the Intel Core i5-8300 processor with 8GB of RAM for reliable speeds on most activities. With a 1TB solid state hybrid drive, that speed gets a nice little bump along with plenty of memory for all those Steam games. Then there’s the GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card to offer reliable visuals for most of your games. You won’t get mind-blowing performance, but this device will still deliver strong graphical performance for plenty of the biggest titles out there, like Overwatch.
The overall body design is a boon for the FX504, too. Despite the price, the body sports a sleek, compact design that’s surprisingly comfortable for long use. In fairness, it’s a little thicker than some other gaming laptops close in price, but not by much. The keyboard is also extremely well designed, as it’s both durable and comfortable for long play and work sessions.
That doesn’t mean Asus wasn’t forced to make some sacrifices to save on the price. The most obvious is the lack of ports on the laptop. All seven connections are located on the left side of the laptop and include the power port, three USB ports, headphone jack, one HDMI port, and one ethernet port. Even by most laptop standards, that’s not a lot of ports, so you’ll have to manage them accordingly.
But even with that, you’re still getting a reliable gaming laptop for the price. It’s slim, reliable, durable, and offers reasonable performance for games. Sure, it may not run some of the newest games on ultra, but it won’t break the bank either. 

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