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Best Dyson vacuums to (hopefully) make your cleaning dreams come true



All hail the holy grail of Dyson vacuums, the . It comes with a steep price tag, but we’ve got a hell of a lot of love for this vacuum and think it’s well worth the investment.
The V10, a recent upgrade to the brand’s popular V8 model, combines everything we love most about Dyson: smart tech, versatility, and power. This cordless stick, weighing in at just under six pounds, is insanely easy to pop on and off its charging station and even easier to wield around your home whenever you’re struck with the urge to get your vacuuming on. It comes with a huge set of tools, including different cleaning heads for carpet and hardwood and all the tools you’ll need to tackle those hard-to-reach spots. (We’re looking at you, under-the-couch dust bunnies.) It even transforms into a handheld vac in just one click. 
If you’re worried that a cordless vacuum couldn’t possibly handle like some of its larger canister or upright counterparts, rest easy. The V10 rocks a huge motor and the most powerful cleaning head that Dyson puts out, the Torque driver, and features the strongest suction of any of the brand’s cordless vacs. It effortlessly tackles anything from stray Cheerios to stubborn pet hair and everything in between. It runs for 20 minutes on the highest suction setting (which you’ll rarely use, as it’s only for big-time messes) and an impressive 40 minutes on the lower setting, so you’ll easily be able to do a full cleaning without the need to recharge. It’s also bagless and crazy easy to empty, shooting the dirt out vertically from the bottom of the bin, unlike previous  models that emptied horizontally. 
And, it must be said — vacuuming with the V10 is just really freaking fun. There’s none of the hassle of pushing a clunky, heavy upright around your living room, or the annoyance of dragging a bulky canister from room to room, plugging and unplugging the cord as you go. The V10 is light, easy, and convenient, and is the perfect choice for making an onerous chore a little less…sucky. (Vacuum humor FTW!) 
, an Amazon reviewer, writes:

“I love this vacuum…I feel like I can tackle my entire house with this bad boy. AND it’s lightweight! I use it on the lowest setting and it still picks up a ton. (And to be clear, when I did my old vs new test, the V10 was on the lowest setting too!)… The price was steep but doesn’t bother me, because I’m getting something that will last me YEARS. My last Dyson lasted me 10 years, and that was one I bought USED and likely was used for 5 years before that. No joke!!”

And , another Amazon customer, says:

“I took the plunge. This was as much of an investment in a new cleaning appliance as it was in real estate. We have limited space in our house, and the space for a vacuum could be better utilized. Now I have a vacuum that hangs conveniently on a charge dock on the wall in the garage. As far as cleaning: my first reaction was horror. In the first few seconds I saw the little Dyson’s bin fill up with everything my old upright didn’t pick up. I am stunned at the power this thing packs. This is more that I wanted to spend on a vacuum, but I got exactly what I paid for.”

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