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Best cheap laptops under $300



As Chromebooks become more popular, there has been a noticeable improvement in function. Whether it’s a more durable body, faster processor, or a better display, everything about Chromebooks has gotten better. This has resulted in some Chromebooks getting more expensive, and even a new line of laptops in the Pixelbooks. Thankfully, there are still Chromebooks that lean into their simple roots, and HP has just the thing for anyone who prefers an uncomplicated laptop.
The HP 14 comes packed with the Intel Celeron N2940 that, along with 4GB of RAM, provides good performance for most tasks. And despite using a slightly lower processor compared to some of the other laptops listed, the 14 is able to handle multitasking better than some of other Chromebooks that use slightly better processors. With 16GB of flash storage, you have enough memory for all those work and school files. These specs reflect the “scaled back” design with the 14, which is meant to keep things somewhat simplified without detracting from performance.
The 14 sports better speakers than some other comparable Chromebooks available. This is something that is consistent with most Chromebooks, it seems, so having one that outperforms others in the space is a nice bonus. The screen could be better: It’s not a bad display, but it could be brighter.
The 14 might be simple and “scaled back,” but that doesn’t impede performance. In fact, this HP actually outperforms some other Chromebooks because of its simplicity. You don’t have to worry about any unnecessary features and programs that would only slow down general performance. It proves that sometimes, simpler is indeed better.

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