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Best Black Friday Apple deals at Walmart, Amazon, and beyond for 2019



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Grab the Apple Watch Series 5 and MacBook Pros at these low prices before they're out of stock.
Grab the Apple Watch Series 5 and MacBook Pros at these low prices before they’re out of stock.

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Anyone who strictly uses Apple products probably has at least one Apple item on their list this year. 

It would be nice if the Apple Store could be a one-stop shop with all of the best sales, but unfortunately, Apple isn’t into participating. (You could get a free $25 to $200 gift card with your full-price purchase, which only really helps if you’re planning on buying two Apple items.)

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Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart will be duking it out for the best Apple sales of Black Friday. A few hot Apple deals are already out of stock, and switching tabs to compare prices wastes precious shopping time — so we’ve pulled out all the best Black Friday Apple deals for you. This mini guide also lets you in on tips like the fact that Walmart hyped its $129 AirPods deal while forgetting to mention the fact that it was an in-store deal only.

Best AirPods and AirPods Pro deals

The battle to see which retailer would have the best AirPods deals wasn’t as invigorating as everyone thought. Basically, it’s Amazon for both the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. (Amazon is the only retailer we know of that has any discount at all on the AirPods Pro.) 

Best MacBook deals

Best Buy and Amazon have the same prices on nearly every MacBook model, though we tend to go with Amazon as there’s a chance that Amazon will quietly add extra coupons throughout the day. (This already happened with the Apple Watch Series 5.) To Best Buy’s advantage, almost every MacBook Pro purchase there comes with one free year of Apple TV+.

Best iPhone deals

Finding a direct discount on the iPhone 11 will be a nearly impossible quest until another new iPhone comes out. The best you can do is get up to $500 off with a trade-in (sometimes in the form of free gift cards with a full-price purchases on specific carriers).

Best iPad deals

Remember those coupons we were talking about? Amazon uses them to pull ahead again. Walmart and Amazon both had the same price on the 64GB iPad Air, but Amazon adding a coupon for an extra $69 off brought the total discount to $100 off.

Best Apple Watch deals

Because the Apple Watch Series 5 was just released in Sept. 2019, it’s no surprise that most Black Friday Apple Watch deals focused on older models like the Series 3 and 4. But if you absolutely must have the latest and greatest, Amazon is offering small Series 5 discounts plus extra $20-something coupons.

Other Apple deals

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